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Cyber security

Cyber security

This micro-credential has been provided at no charge to participants through investment from the Queensland Resources Industry Development Plan as part of the Queensland Future Skills Partnership.

Micro-credential Description

Cyber security is fundamental to the ability of a business to conduct its operations in an environment where cyber threats are becoming more frequent and advanced. This micro-credential introduces the current and emerging trends in cyber security and outlines techniques used to protect the secrecy, integrity and availability of computer systems and data. The course will demonstrate practical and safe conduct in the workplace in relation to cyber security and show how businesses can manage their information assets and communication technology risk across all areas of an organisation, including: asset management, financial, operations, Human Resources, governance and legal.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding of the current and emerging trends in cyber security
  • Understanding of cyber security threats and their impacts
  • Understanding of the legislation and frameworks that are relevant to cyber security in Australia
  • Knowledge of how to support cyber security efforts within a workplace
  • Understanding of how current technologies may evolve to impact cyber security practices in the future